Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Im Molly =)

Hello! My name is MOLLY not Gary (spongebob pet)...hihi...This character been created by
our other Character Designer. See you soon =)
Do keep visit us always ya!
Designed by - Fara (Character Designer)
TQ for review! Promise to come back =)

Ready for next Character??

Morning all =)
Today we will introduce you our next trailer character, so keep follows our news and update
thru Facebook page and blog ya!!
TQ & Enjoy your stay.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Other character really cant wait to introduce them self to you...But, they have to...=) 
SO, you have to follow our blog and Facebook page from time to time...hihi...Stay tunes... 
TQ ^_^

Wheww! Who is she??

This is our 1st character designed & rendered by our character designer,
this is not "Tutu the fallen fairy"...hehe...but this is fairy godmother...her name is TYNALINA what her character in this animation trailer?? Soon you will know it...keep following us =)
Designed by : Shaf (Character Designer)

Where the Character??

Our "adorable" trailer character will be uploaded soon...stay tunes & keep following us =)
TQ For supporting us.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Our logo now Release!

Simple but full of message...Actually the "D" shape mean Design...and the square shape with black square mean a good team work that workout together and still follow the lead... So, after this no more questioning regarding our logo =)

And THANK YOU coz still follow us!
Stay tunes for more...


We'll coming right up soon...stay tunes =)